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Inspiron 15 5570 super loud fan noise when charging

My Inspiron 15 5570 (i7-8550U, 8GB Ram) is incredibly loud when I plug the charger in.

For example, I'm playing a game on battery power, the performance is great and the fans are quiet. However, when I plug the charger in there's no change in performance but the fans go into overdrive and are very loud.

I've changed both the System Cooling Policies to 'Passive' and the AMD Powerplay Settings to 'Maximise Battery Life, but it hasn't made a difference.

The Intel Graphics Settings are both set to 'Balance' when on battery or plugged in, and the Maximum Processor State are both set to 100%, so that can't be affecting it.

I've also updated the BIOS and Drivers. There must be something causing the difference in fan noise between battery power and when charging?

Any advice? Thanks!

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