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Inspiron 15 5577 Gaming: No pop up for headphones.

Hello everyone,

Recently, the pop up that shows up when I plug in a headphone does not show up anymore, not only this but Realtek does not recognize the headphone as a headphone but rather as the internal speaker of the laptop even though the headphone works and sound come through 

Here is what I tried:

  • Tried to update realtek audio driver from device manager.
  • Tried to completely remove the realtek audio driver and reinstall it again from dell drivers website.
  • Tried to install the latest version of realtek audio from realtek audio website.
  • Tried to do the last two things while my computer is offline.
  • Tried to update each audio related driver from device manager.
  • Opened up Waves MaxxAudio Pro to tick the box for the pop up, found out it was already ticked.
  • Tried to remove the tick, and put it back again, didn't work, I also found that MaxxAudio detect it as speaker just like realtek
  • Tried to update MaxxAudio Pro, also tried to remove it completely and reinstall it.
  • Check the task manager to see if Waves MaxxAudio is enabled in startup, and it was.
  • Tried to open realtek HD audio manager, but I do not have one unfortunately.
  • Tried to replace the realtek audio with HD audio device (the default windows driver) and it actually detected the headphones as separate from the speaker but sound was bad not like realtek, and also no pop up came as well.
  • Tried different headphones, still doesn't show pop up.

One thing I noticed is that, one time while I was uninstalling the realtek audio driver, the pop up came in the middle of the uninstallation (because the headphone was already in) and it never happened again.

Thank you everyone!

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