Inspiron 15 5584 BSODs on shutdowns/restarts after the BIOS 1.9.1 update.


I bought this thing last September and haven't had any serious issues so far until last week I updated the BIOS to the latest 1.9.1 and started having a weird problem where upon shutdown/restart the screen will shut off but I can hear the system is still on for about 5 minutes or so before it gives me a BSOD and totally powers off.

To troubleshoot, I've went ahead and ran the built-in thorough diags, which came up clean. So I'm hoping it's not faulty HW with a BIOS update coincidence.

Yesterday, I've even went as far as do a clean Windows 1909 reload and installed all of the latest drivers from the Dell Support page, minus the Dell Mobile Connect and Smart Byte, which I will never use.

In the 1.9.1 notes it mentions that a lot of Intel CVEs were patched and I'm wondering if somehow in the process it also introduced some bugs. Is this a known issue or is anyone else having a similar problem with their Inspiron 15 5584 right after the latest BIOS update?

Please let me know if it's possible to downgrade the BIOS to one version prior. I don't want to attempt this if there's a risk in totally bricking the system.


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Re: Inspiron 15 5584 BSODs on shutdowns/restarts after the BIOS 1.9.1 update.

I've now tried re-installing different drivers including Optane memory drivers straight from Intel's support website. My system still takes a very long time to shutdown before it finally BSODs and totally powers off.

I've also tried running the .exe for the 1.8.0 BIOS hoping to downgrade it, but it only just reboots the system and keeps the 1.9.1.

I'm about 90% positive that it has to be BIOS update because of the timing with the issue. What is the trick to bring it down a version?

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