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Inspiron 15 7559 Won't start

Hello there, I'm having an issue with my laptop. I pressed power but nothing happened. When plugging in my charger the light turned off. I tried the usual advice of taking out the battery and holding power but it didn't work. I think something short circuited there but I might be wrong. Any advice? 

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Re: Inspiron 15 7559 Won't start

Welcome to the Dell Community  @Anthony W 

When you connect the AC and the light on the AC goes out that usually means there is a shot in the system???

The only thing you can do is "Shotgun" it.

Meaning disconnect everything you can from the system board except the DC power jack.

Then plug in the adapter to the jack.

If the light goes out on the AC adapter then the system board is shorted.

If the light does not go out then disconnect the AC and attach one of the items you disconnected.

Plug in the adapter and check the light.

Continue to attach one thing at a time.

If the light goes out then that item you just attached is causing the short.

Inspiron 15 7000 Service Manual:


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