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Inspiron 15 7559 shuts down shortly after boot and reboots, them shuts down

My son's Inspiron 15, 7559, powers up when the powered button is pressed, and begins to boot. After about 5 seconds there is a click near the battery charge port, and it powers off. About 10 seconds later it powers back up by itself and boots into Windows. Shortly after that there is a click again and it powers off. If I powered it up again it does the same thing, except it powers down sooner the second time. If I try a third time it won't power up at all. I've tried to powered up without the charger in and it does the same. BIOS shows the battery is good. The blink code on the front mounted LED blinked a code for CMOS battery failure. I replaced the CMOS battery and the time and date in BIOS stays correct. I also thought it might be a heat related issue with the processor, and new heat sink compound has been applied to it. Any help will be greatly appreciated, as my son will Soon deploy to the Middle East and would like his laptop to Skype with Family and Friends.

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When you replaced the CMOS battery did you leave the battery out for at least 15 -30 minutes before installing the new battery? I ask because you probably should have lost the time and date.

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