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Inspiron 15 7567 Spiderman edition unsolvable audio problem

I've had this computer for just about a whole year and throughout the entire time I've had it, it has had horrible audio problems including static pop under certain pretenses. The absolute main two problems though are the headphone jack and the mic/their drivers. When I first got the computer I plugged in earbuds and I noticed that audio was playing fine through them but I was only able to use the laptops internal microphone which is poorly made. This issue was never once for a second solved. Now after hours of trying to solve the mic problem I found that now the laptop has completely stopped detecting the headphones at all. I've tried multiple headsets and earbuds and all have given the same problem, and yes they are all 3.5mm so there should be no problem. Also Wave audio maxxpro has not been helpful in any general way. I think I'm tech savvy enough to fix this right? NO. I've spent days worth of time trying to figure this issue out, I've also sent the computer back to Dell via Geek squad and had the motherboard replaced, as well as having geek squad troubleshoot it themselves. Of course they came back empty just as I thought. Ill attach some screenshots(ask for any additional info). I'm very pleased with the task performance, convenience, and look of the computer but this seemingly small problem is a deal breaker if I wasn't so confident you could fix it the first time, which I see now wasn't a smart move. And Now if any Dell warlords want to step in and help me fix these problems be my guest.

Also try and give me something new apart from all these other forum answers because it's all not working.


these are the screenshots I could think of but it's late and I can't think of anything else so let me know if you need more





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