Inspiron 15 7570 Touch Screen Type


  Does the Inspiron 15 7570 Touch Screen model have an active digitizer touch screen or is it of the capacitive variety?  Thanks

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Re: Inspiron 15 7570 Touch Screen Type

It's a capacitive touch screen - no digitizer.  There's a 7579 model and on that one, there is an option for a pen-compatible digitizer.  Those models will ship with a "pen compatible" sticker on them - not all of them are pen-compatible, even on the 7579.


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Re: Inspiron 15 7570 Touch Screen Type

How can you tell?

I have a 7570 and the screen properties says it supports "Pen and Touch with 10 Touch points".

I also got the Dell Pen for it which requires batteries.  So I assumed it's active. I figured it was a hybrid digitizer/capacitive.

Here's a sample of me using the pen on it and writing on the screen and selecting a pen or pencil type point.  It works really well, and shows off my poor hand writing really well. It's like writing on paper with a pen. Smiley Wink

I also have an Asus T100A 2in1 tablet which has a standard capacitive screen, and does not support a pen other than the non powered smushy/mesh type and does not work anywhere as well as the 7570.

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