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Inspiron 15-7577 and TB16 firmware update not taking

I have the Inspiron 15 7577 and had to resort to buying a Thunderbolt 3 dock since the built-in HDMI port doesn't support 4k @ 60Hz :TongueTied:

I'm trying to update the TB16's firmware to the latest 1.0.2 :

When running it, an error is reported:
"No Docks attached or this firmware update utility is not supported on your platform."

I have the latest Thunderbolt Controller driver A12 installed.  The Thunderbolt dock and cable are set to Always Connect in the Thunderbolt software.  USB, Ethernet, etc ports are working.  I'd like to update the TB16's firmware to improve its stability.

I've read that other people who have XPS or Precision laptops are able to update the TB16 firmware.  Does Dell's TB16 firmware update utility check for approved laptop models before allowing it to proceed?  Any way to update the utility so that us Inspiron 15 owners can update the dock?

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