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(Inspiron 15) Can't connect to WiFi unless sat near router

Si i have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series which i have had for around 3 years or so. Up until a few weeks ago no problems, but over the past 3 weeks my connectivity has gradually become more troublesome and so much so that now i cannot connect to the internet in my living room or upstairs - my laptop will only connect to WiFi if i am sat in the same room as the router. It is not a problem with the router as my wife has no issues connecting around the house with her laptop. I have looked on youtube and followed steps to some common fixes but nothing seems to work. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what i can do? I was considering looking into purchasing some sort of booster for the router, but as i said before, it is a laptop problem not a router problem so this may be pointless. 

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Re: (Inspiron 15) Can't connect to WiFi unless sat near router

You didn't mention the specific common fixes you've tried, but have you tried disconnecting and reseating the antennas on the WiFi card?  If not, try that, because that was the cause of this issue when someone else reported it a while back.  If needed, instructions complete with diagrams are available in the Service Manual or Owner's Manual for your system, either of which you'll find at in the Manuals & Documents section.  I find it easiest to remove the WiFi card from the slot to do this, because that way you can get your index finger under the card and then use your thumb to "pinch" the antenna back onto the WiFi card's connector.  If you just try to press the antenna down onto the card while it's installed, it's much more difficult to get a firm connection.

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