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Inspiron 15 R 5537 i7 laptop amd card problem

I am from india and an out if warranty customer..
Kindly inform me ...

1)Can i get an Amd card separately??
2) The cost of motherboard of 15R 5537 i7 laptop in india.
3)Is there an option for getting an upgraded amd card in that motherboard??(asking becoz iam a crazy gamer)
4) Will it be a single event repair and all problems will b rectified by the technical expert in that visit ??
5)After changing the motherboard will they b handing me a dell windows 10 recovery reinstallation disc??
6) While running the support assist hardware test of Amd radeon card it is getting passed,but installing driver or using driver is causing BSOD.Is support assist fool proof??Also pre boot scan is all passed.What is happening...
Dr Suhas K
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Re: Inspiron 15 R 5537 i7 laptop amd card problem

1.  No.

2. You'll have to search or ask;  in the US, depending on CPU, $250-350.

3. No. 

4.  Assuming the GPU is the only problem, yes.

5. Not necessarily;   a Windows reinstall should not be necessary.

6.  Not possible to say  from your description; what makes you think the GPU chip is bad?


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