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Inspiron 1501 upgrade problems windows 10 pro

Hello all... I have recently found an inspiron 1501 at a thrift shop and decided to try to upgrade it to run windows 10 pro. I didn't do anything but upgrade the ram to 4gb and the hdd to 500gb. It's bios is v 2.4.1. When I installed and ran the windows 10 pro the first night it ran fine. no hiccups. I did the install for 1909 and rebooted it then shut it off for the night. I came home today to toy with it and get error code on boot telling me a bad config sys info. Will not repair, nor uninstall any updates. I rebooted it into debug mode and got error code 2000-0142  Unit 0 : DST failed status byte= 79.  Can someone help me with this please? Should I have upgraded the cpu as well It is running the amd Athlon x2. Got it just to be a project laptop because it still worked and had xp on it.