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Inspiron 15z 5523 Fan change help!

Hello, I have my Inspiron 15z 5523 laptop for almost 5 years now. I hear noise come probably from the CPU Fan. This noise sound started 1 year ago. My first question, is this noise normal? And the fan should continue spinning and working? Or will it stop spinning at all after some time? My brother in Kuwait asked a DELL company branch to buy a new CPU fan for this model. They told him: You should provide us with the Service Tag. Is this really necessary? Does each 15z 5523 with a different S/N Service Tag need a specific fan? I just thought that there is only ONE fan for the model, and that Service Tag doesn't matter. My Service Tag by the way is: <Service tag removed>

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Re: Inspiron 15z 5523 Fan change help!

Welcome to the Dell Community  @AmgedIsmail 

Some fan noise is normal.

Yes it should continue working.

In time it may stop spinning.

At times a "Service Tag" is necessary but I do not think it will help this time.

Please never post a "Service Tag"

To replace the fan you will need to disassemble the whole laptop.

Inspiron 15z 5523 Owner's Manual:

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
Microsoft Registered Partner
Windows Operating System lifecycle fact sheet
Lifecycle begins when released and ends when no longer supported
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Re: Inspiron 15z 5523 Fan change help!


Thanks for the reply.

So the Service Tag is not necessary for the fan change? Service Tag doesn't have to do with the Model Fan?

Also, the noise is different now. When it was still new, the real noise I only heard was the sound of the air blowing but now I hear strange noise which sounds high with the fan spinning fast and sounds lower when it spins lower. The noise sound is also noisy when the fan starts to spin after I switch on the laptop or at any time after not spinning.


So this noise is also normal?

But when it may stop spinning you say? The fan stop spinning for what reason? And is there any solution if that happens rather than replacing the fan?

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Re: Inspiron 15z 5523 Fan change help!

Considering that you have been using it for 5 years, it's better if you can change one.

And the Service Tag is not necessary for the fan change.

If you call DELL Service Certer, then the Service Tag will be needed.

You can just check the pn on your fan or just fill in " Inspiron 15z 5523 fan ", then search it on Aliexpress, ebay, or Amazon.

You can get a plenty of choice.

Hope you can solve your problem.

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Re: Inspiron 15z 5523 Fan change help!


So any Inspiron 15z 5523 fan will work on my 15z 5523 one?


What's the fan pn anyway?

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