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Inspiron 17 7706 2-in1: burning hot

Brand new 11/2021. Why would this laptop be running hot? Haven't even loaded my highly demanding science software apps. This is a 64 GB RAM with 2 TB storage specifically for such work. 

What gives? How to fix? Or just return?!

This is the first laptop I've ever had with this issue. Very disappointed. 

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Check the task manager to see what's running (and consuming CPU time).  However, if the intended purpose is heavy-duty calculation or graphics-based work, this is not the platform for your purposes.  This is a budget to mainstream, consumer-grade notebook -- for the work you've outlined, either a workstation-class notebook (Precision) or a desktop system would be a far better starting point.

Thanks. That was the second thing that I did after checking the power settings. 


I selected this laptop after discussion with  Dell sales rep in their business, not personal, computer sales department. I hope that I wasn't steered in the wrong direction. We must have portability, so laptop, not desktop. Additionally, have used laptops for such research work. However, as platforms as well as apps increase in size and functionality, we now need to go up in RAM and storage. Fortunately, chips have also gotten more powerful as well. 


Thank you! Appreciate all thoughts and suggestions!

When it is running hot? During normal usage or if in standby or connected to a dock?

Thanks, Augur. It's running hot all the time. 

Ok, then it is not the sleep bug I am facing actually. Simply check which application constantly consuming CPU. It is normal that the Dell is become warm with constant CPU usage. Perhaps deinstall the Programm. In my case Dell Mobile Connect runs with 25% CPU and drains battery and heats the laptop. 

Thanks. I did verify with tasks what was running and how much CPU was being g used. Nothing is tasking this computer. I don't even have my Science programs installed yet! 

So, not the problem here, but much appreciate the assist!


Keep those good thoughts and suggestions coming, everyone! 


Unfortunately,  i may have to send this back and forget Dell. I'm very disappointed in the machine that they wanted to charge well over 3K for and also with the lack of effective and efficient tech support. Expected to ask "the community", who very likely know about as much as I do about these things. Like many of you, I've been using computers for decades. Moreover, not unfamiliar with building desktop computers. Many of us hacked these things for years until decent, cost effective machines became commonplace. Sadly, on these "help" sites, techs treat us like feral humans raised by wolves who've never seen computers before. Very aggravating. 

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Click the link below for information on system heating and fan issues.

Inspiron systems may encounter fan noise and heat issue

Thanks, Adrian. When I received the new laptop, I downloaded and installed Dell SupportAssist, then used this to identify the computer and install all updates. The BIOS was updated on day 1, additional updates have since been installed for various things. I've set updtard to be performed automatically. At least for now. Later, I'll have to control when updates occur to avoid interruptions in work flow. 

Great idea though! Thanks for the article share!

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Since this is a new computer, I suggest downloading and installing latest BIOS, drivers, firmware and applications onto computer. You could do this by using Support Assist application on computer. Just type Support Assist onto the search box, the app should appear.


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