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Inspiron 17R 7720 can't access Setup

I have 4 nearly identical Inspiron 17R 7720 laptops in my home office and recently purchased a fifth. The new one looks barely used, no scuffs/scratches etc. and came with a clean copy of Win 8.1.

My SOP when I get a new computer is to enter the BIOS setup and record the service tag number and the entire hardware configuration. I tried that on my new laptop, but I can't access setup. I hit the power key and begin tapping the F2 key, "F2 SETUP" gets highlighted on the bottom right hand corner of the display, but the machine skips setup and boots into Windows. I have no problems accessing the F12 Boot Options menu; I did go there and run diagnostics to see if anything popped up but it passed diagnostics with no exceptions. 

I did an on-line keyboard test and it appears my F2 key is functioning properly, and I installed a new spare keyboard I had on hand and still could not access setup. The only anomaly I noted was on the boot options menu under UEFI Boot there is an option for Ubuntu, which I don't recall seeing on any of the other 17R 7720 laptops.

Can anyone help me find a way into the BIOS setup on this laptop?

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Re: Inspiron 17R 7720 can't access Setup

If this was a used purchase -- it likely has an admin password set.  Contact the seller from whom you bought the system.  If they cannot or will not clear the password, return the system to them for a refund.


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