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Inspiron 17r 5737 GPU fail

Hi !

I bought my laptop in May/June of 2014. I took a good care of it. An average gaming hours would be 1 h / day.

Unfortunately, my gaming sessions stopped in a day of September when after work I wanted to turn on my laptop but it would not do anything than freezing at Windows 10 logo screen. After some research and even taking it to service, I found that my dedicated GPU AMD Radeon 8870m is somehow gone. To change it would require a new motherboard (60% price for a new laptop) since the GPU is stapled to it.

I have wrote e-mails to the shop (no warranty), to AMD (not their bussiness as they only sell parts to Dell and Dell customize them) but I couldn't find any e-mail address to write my complain to Dell.

I am very disappointed of all this situation. I had a big respect for Dell as products. Never complained even there were lots of drivers issues with blue screen for freezes (may be a reason AMD GPU-Intel frame). This is my second Dell laptop.

I am writing this because it is not fair for me, an occasional gamer with a caring attitude towards my equipment to get a failure in parts, which I would blame as a product issue because of all blue screens, freezes occurred since first start.

It still runs with Intel's own graphics card, but it is not the same.

Hope someone from Dell will see this and will take action !

Cheers !

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Re: Inspiron 17r 5737 GPU fail

Notebooks have a design life of about three years  -- after that, failures become more common.  While you're correct that it's likely not economically sensible to replace a board in a system this age, it's also not uncommon to have such a failure -- particularly on a system with over a thousand hours of gaming on it.


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