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Inspiron 17r n7110 Keyboard stuck and unable to remove?


My hard drive has unfortunately failed and as a result, I’ve taken the task of replacing it. There’s only problem though- I can’t remove the keyboard. I’ve checked many videos and I’ve tried screwdrivers and knives and more, but I think I’m doing more harm than good! Is there anything I can do? I can’t take it to someone because it’s too expensive.

Also, is there anyway that I could recover the data on my drive? I’ve got family photos that I’d like to keep and if I could recover them, that’d be great!

Thank you for reading this and for any answers! Cheers!
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Thank you for your message.


The keyboard on this model is a customer replaceable unit & can be replaced easily. Seems like the keyboard locks may be stuck.


Please try the instruction in the manual here  (Page 27) to take out the keyboard again.


For data recovery from drives that have failed, you will need to contact a local technician or professional site as these will require specialized recovery software.

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