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Inspiron 3148 Upgrade - ram and hdd?

I'm sorry this question has come up again.  I reviewed previous topics and see conflicting information.


I have a UK model Inspiron 3142 laptop, service tag <Service tag removed>.  It has 4gb ram and a 500gb conventional HDD.  It's getting a little slow under the weight of Windows 10 and the various updates (eg,  63% memory in use even after rebooting and the HDD has always seemed a little slow anyway)

I'd like to double the ram to 8gb and replace the HDD with a solid state model.


The trouble is, I have no idea what model to use.  Many answers here suggest anything over 4GB Ram won't work anyway.  Others suggest a particular SO-DIMM from Crucial.com.  Which answer is correct?


Can anyone point to a 500GB SSD that would fit?  Preferaby on amazon.co.uk as I have prime membership 🙂 (Same for the ram if that's even a compatible upgrade)


Any assistance much appreciated!

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Re: Inspiron 3148 Upgrade - ram and hdd?

This model will take one 8G DDR3L module, and any 2.5" 7 mm SATA notebook hard drive you wish.

You can look at Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, etc. - all three (and others) sell RAM certified to work.  Stay away from the "Value" RAM - Value RAM, Value Select, etc. - which has a bad track record with Dell systems.


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