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Inspiron 3537 internet connection problems

Since at least November, there has to be lingering problems with my Inspiron 3537's internet capability.

  • Most of the time, I have no WiFi connection. Sometimes I get the connection back upon boot, but sometimes after a bout of heavy use, the WiFi suddenly stops working (it throws a Code 12; "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use").
  • Plus, the laptop can't connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable, and I found out that even Bluetooth can't work.

Some context: I inherited the laptop from someone else (that laptop is more than half a decade old), and I installed Windows 10. After a couple of days, I updated some drivers (particularly the BIOS, graphics, and the wireless drivers), and then the problems started.

Here is what I had done so far to get the internet in my laptop working correctly again:

  • I tried reinstalling the drivers, even going so far as to replace the wireless drivers. Now, even the drivers I downloaded refuse to install correctly.
  • I tried the "airplane mode" and "turn WiFi off before shutdown" methods. Both did not work.
  • I even had to send the laptop to the fixer twice; first to remove an antivirus software that was suspected to cause the internet problems, and second, to clean reinstall Windows 10. Both of these did not work; the internet problems are still there.

Which leads me to this conclusion; there is something wrong with the internet driver(s). The driver's(s') getting a series of Code 12's and after that, when I restart my laptop, the driver(s) in question is/are nowhere to be found in the Device Manager; the driver(s) keep(s) disappearing. It could be either a potential driver software or hardware issue.

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Re: Inspiron 3537 internet connection problems

Try the following page. It is possible that another hardware device is conflicting with the wifi card. In a pinch you could try a USB wifi device. I had one on my old Latitude and it worked far better than the wifi card that was internal.


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