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Inspiron 3585, reserving too much GPU memory

I have a problem similar to this 2018 Optiplex GX280 thread, with my Inspiron 3585. I have 8GB installed but only get 6GB usable as 2GB is hardware reserved ram. I am very dissatisfied as this is false marketing and I want to return this laptop if this is not fixed. The graphics card is reserving 2GB of memory and I don't want that.

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Re: Inspiron 3585, reserving too much GPU memory

This is normal and working as designed. Windows 10 will reserve that "Shared system memory" to facilitate all of the functions required of the AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU.




I can see that you have had this Inspiron 3585 for 71 days. Here in the USA, returns are only allowed inside the first 30 days from the Dell invoice date.