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Inspiron 3793 Windows and drivers updates keeps messing the volume letters

After a major Windows 10 Update, everytime I try to make an update or install some drivers (like intel iris uhd driver, or Intel rapid storage) the unit letters gets mixed up, making the system unbootable stuck in a boot loop with dell logo, repairing boot, dell logo, repairing boot, just dell logo for hours... 

I formated partitions, do a cleanup install offline with a windows 10 from Media Creator Tool.

I Updated firmware and BIOS (with the result of a M.I.A. CD/DVD Unit. It's gone from BIOS and Windows and Ubuntu)

Drivers downloaded from Dell site installed one by one offline.

And the problem persists with every update or key driver installation.

What have I done so far with every update (Windows it's throwing them almost daily):

Entered with the usb key to the recovery tool.

Entered Console.

With Diskpart reassigned the correct letters to each volume. 

With bootrec fixmbr

Exit Terminal

In the recovery tools screen entered the fix startup. Wait some minutes

It works. 

Any suggestions on how to prevent this letter assigning mixup every time it updates? I can't live doing this every morning after a windows update.

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