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Inspiron 5448 stylus compatibility confusion

I just got this laptop and I'm trying to figure out which stylus is compatible (my laptop did have the sticker)

I read somewhere that the stylus from Wacom work on this laptop specifically, but once I tried to use my Wacom intuos art pen, nothing happened. Are there configurations that I have to make or was this source just straight up wrong?

In the case that it is wrong, are there any recommendations for any stylus at about 20$?

Thank you in advance

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Re: Inspiron 5448 stylus compatibility confusion



Thanks for posting.


If the system has a sticker "Support Active Pen" on it, it has support for a pressure-sensitive active pen.

If that sticker is missing, the system is touch-screen and won't work with an active pen and only stylus compatible with your computer would be a capacitive stylus pen.



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Re: Inspiron 5448 stylus compatibility confusion

If you can find your system's product page, you may be able to go down to the bottom and look for compatible products.

If you give a link to such a page with your system, I will check.


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