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Inspiron 5502 does not detect TV as audio source via HDMI (and therefore plays audio through the laptop instead of the TV).

I recently upgraded my 6 year old laptop to an Inspiron 5502 but when I went to hook it up to my TV for a larger display via HDMI, I noticed that the sound was playing through the laptop speakers instead of the TV speakers.

My old laptop did not have an issue with this and detects the TV just fine, clearly switching the audio source back and forth as I plug and unplug the HDMI cable.

Things I have tried so far (in no particular order):

  • Verified that video is transmitting through the HDMI cable (currently typing this while I look at my TV)
  • Updating audio drivers through Dell's site
  • Updating video drivers through Dell's site
  • Ensuring that "show disabled and disconnected devices" are checked under Sound
  • Used 4 different HDMI cables 
  • Used 5 different HDMI ports on the TV (only one on the laptop)
  • Updated BIOS
  • Performed all Windows updates
  • Tried all variations/orders of turning the laptop and TV on/off and plugging/unplugging the HDMI cable
  • Checked device manager to see if there were any unusual things active in audio/video/sound
    • Tried to update drivers from here but it said they were the best available
  • Restarted Windows Audio
  • Plugged in headphones and verified that they registered in Sound 
  • Ran the audio troubleshooter; nothing detected
  • In Device Manager, "scanned for hardware changes" to refresh but nothing changed

Other things of note:

  • TV is a Vizio (not sure of the model; 60" 4k LED smart TV if it helps)
  • In Device Manager, under "Sound, video, and game controllers" there are two instances of "HD Audio Driver for Display Audio"
    • I have tried disabling and enabling each, alternating while doing so, but nothing has changed during or after the process
  • Have not yet tried to uninstall any drivers beyond what the setup wizards did while updating the drivers
  • Both old and new laptops are on the most recent version of Windows 10 with all updates installed
  • New laptop very clearly recognizes that there is an HDMI cable connected (screen flashes in and out when I connect/disconnect), but just will not play audio through the TV
  • Under "Audio inputs and outputs" in Device Manager, both laptops only show "microphone" and "speakers" (specifics vary per laptop"
  • Under "Sound, video and game controllers" in Device Manager, both laptops show their version of Realtek Audio and their version of "display audio"
    • Old laptop is "Intel(R) Display Audio"
    • New laptop is "HD Audio Driver for Display Audio" (but there are two instances as mentioned above"
  • When connected to the TV via HDMI, the old laptop registers the TV instantly under Sounds as "D58u-D3, Intel(R) Display Audio" and as the default device, whereas nothing happens when the new laptop is connected

In summary, I'm thinking something internal to the new laptop that handles sound is defective and I'm considering asking for a replacement. If anyone here can offer suggestions, I'm willing to try but I'm about at the end of my patience here. Thanks.

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Re: Inspiron 5502 does not detect TV as audio source via HDMI (and therefore plays audio through the laptop instead of the TV).

Do you get a choice of your TV as an audio sink?  On my ASUS which I have connected to my TV, I get choice of the laptop's speakers or the LG TV.





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