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Inspiron 5547 Hinge Defect

I am writing this complain after being sick of your pathetic hardware that has been causing problems for me ever since i bought a new Dell 5547 Laptop. The hinge has been repaired two times now because of the same design flaw (1 time under warranty ) and its broken the 3rd time because of your pathetic design defect. I have spent a lot of time and money on this and i want a solution soon. I bought a dell because i thought it will be reliable but it has proven totally opposite and has been a huge headache for me. I do not want to spend any more money of a thing that is only going to be able to survive for 5-6 months and will break again because of your design defect. I have seen a lot of people complaining about the same issue because of the same defect and i wonder if " Dell is intentionally shipping laptops with a design flaw only to get more money from its users under repair costs ". Shame on you Dell i thought you will provide a reliable product but you didn't. I know this complain't isn't going to affect you much nor are your service executives are going to pay any heed to it but still just wanted to convey that your product has been a huge disappointment and i am not going to buy any Dell product ever again and i am going to convey it to others too.

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Re: Inspiron 5547 Hinge Defect

Can't offer help, but same issue with Inspiron 7559. Utterly ridiculous. good luck

Re: Inspiron 5547 Hinge Defect

I switched to Dell because had same issues with HP and hinge failures. Guess they all must have similar assemblies that have poor hinge designs. I agree, the hinges need to be better reinforced and should not fail under normal use.

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