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Inspiron 5558 laptop verticle & horizontal lines

I have vertical & horizontal lines on login if I do get to put my PIN in it only allows 2 digits it now has vertical grey, black & white lines, I have tried holding "D" while turning on but to no avail. System recovery USB does not function. Any ideas please? On one occasion I did get into the system with F12 but now nothing.

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Sounds like you have a system board that's failing.  That's likely not worth the cost of repair on a  7-year old system -- start shopping for a replacement notebook.




Thank you, I have laptops older than this Dell also Dell laptops which are fine I don't get it.

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It is most likely a faulty GPU -- not unexpected, given that the system has exceeded its design life by a factor of two.  Just as you've had systems last much longer, there are plenty that have failed long before now -- the laws of statistics rule.

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ejn63 you obviously don't have a clue about this problem. I called into a local phone repair shop who instantly told me that the problem is screen only. I watched several YouTube videos which also advised that it was a screen issue. One advised to connect to a monitor or as I did my TV & the reproduction has no lines which tells me that it is screen & not a system board. Over the years with Dell laptops I have had several issues & not "1" has ever been resolved by dell support amazing when you think that we rely on support for help.

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If so, then replace the screen and you're set.  

I'd cast a very skeptical eye toward anyone definitively troubleshooting and telling you that based on your description, though.  It is very possible (common, actually) for a failing GPU to work fine externally but not with the internal screen.  The chip is used to drive the internal screen most of the time, so that part of it very commonly fails sooner than the part connected externally.

Whether you choose to follow your own agenda or listen to others, the cause is almost certainly a bad GPU - not a bad screen, but the path forward is yours to choose.  Best wishes on a resolution.



So if you insist that this is definitely a CPU problem & not a screen please explain how it works by HDMI connected to a  a monitor?  I find that very interesting? Common sense tells you that it cannot work perfectly if it's a CPU problem.

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It's clear your mind is made up - so go ahead and replace the screen.

Before dismissing advice, at least read it -- I said nothing about the CPU.  I mentioned the GPU being the faulty part.



Welcome to the Dell Community @lesallen45 

A picture with the lines displayed would be helpful???

When flexing the display do the lines change at all???

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OK so I apologise for the mistake between CPU & GTU. However the same thing applies how does the screen function 100% correctly through the monitor. I have not so called "made up my mind" but I do go well into things before I commit to spending my money. Now tell me if I had lets say "replaced the system board" & it had not resolved the problem how would you have responded. Any way there is no way that you are going to admit failure to advise correctly so I will notify you of the outcome when the screen is replaced.

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