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Inspiron 5567 AMD R7 M445 is not working

Hello everybody. 

Today I made a big mistake that i bought new laptop with amd r7 m445 graphic card. It's just wont work in games. After searching a bit i found that this is a very huge problem for everybody who want to play some games (like dota 2 or path of exile) which just show a slides instead of any attempt to be a normal game expirience. 

Also I found some solutions which is not working anymore due to unavailable amd catalyst software or advanced options in amd software tool. 

I checked how it react on any attemps to give a huge load, but gpu-z shown that it doesn't react on that. 

Also, that amd tool always crashing when I'm trying to add an exe link in it. 

So, I hope, maybe some of you know how to solve this problem? 

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Re: Inspiron 5567 AMD R7 M445 is not working

I found the solution!

So, will left it here for any good soul who also got this problem.


1. Delete with Guru3D existing AMD drivers

2. Reboot

3. Find and download Radeon Software Crimson

4. Install it

5. Update to current stable version(NOT OPTION VER.)

6. After update you will get a message like "Radeon software was installed". It's it. Now your AMD card will be used in games. 

(7. Don't forget to add game .exe file in radeon settings to your switchable graphical adapters list and set for them high perfomance)