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Inspiron 5570: SSD, Fan noise

Hello, everyone! I would like to install in the laptop (Dell Inspiron 5570) SSD without replacing HDD. As I know there is special slot for M.2 SSD, and I would like to know, Can I buy any SSD with M.2 form factor or it should be certain model?

Also there is a problem appeared last year (2018) in December — the fan began to buzz (whirr) on its own. If earlier when starting the programs, the noise of the laptop was similar to a light whistle (I dont know to describe it differently), but now as if the engine is working under the case (noticeable vibration).

I hope I was able to lucidly explain the essence of the problem, English is not my native language.

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Re: Inspiron 5570: SSD, Fan noise

The M.2 SSD needs to be an NVME/PCIe type. And any of that type drive is fine. Just be sure that it is a quality brand not a budget type.

As far as the fan goes, it could be plugged with dust. With a can of compressed air blow out the vents at the bottom and back. Also to make sure the fan is not having problems run the system diagnostics. Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Choose full system diagnostics paying special attention to the fan results.

And your English was superb!

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