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Inspiron 5570 battery issues

So my Inspiron 5570 is just over 2 years old now and the battery was pretty much dead.

I replaced with an OEM battery and now have the following issues:


I fitted the battery yesterday and let it charge overnight.

This morning I powered on the laptop and battery was 100% charged.

I used the laptop on battery for aprox 15 minutes and It suddenly powered off.

It would not power back up without plugging in.

When it booted up battery was still showing 95%

It has done a similar thing 5-6 times now so assume there is something wrong with the power delivery of the battery with the power drain being bigger than the battery can supply.

If I wait aprox 2 minutes the laptop will power back on under battery.

Laptop works as it should on mains power.

Note: laptop is a Dell 5570 I7 with Radon graphics.


Also the laptop gets very hot when in use, sometimes to hot to have on your lap.

All vents and fan were free of dust and debris when i fitted new battery.

Any ideas on any of these problems??? Spec below.