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Inspiron 5570, issues

After 3 days my new dell inspiron 5570 died, windows 10 specifically, so i uninstwlled it and got 7, but dell has no drivers for 7 anyone have any 7 drivers for my machine?

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Re: Inspiron 5570, issues

I would not suggest installing Windows 7 on a new system. It will not affect your hardware warranty but there is no warranty support on Windows 7 through Dell for a system that was shipped with Windows 10. And Microsoft support for Windows 7 is due to expire soon. And if you do have a problem with the system, Dell tech support will instruct you to reinstall the OS that the system came with.

The other issue is that since Dell does not support Windows 7 on your new system, you are forced to scan the Internet for the drivers yourself. And on some of the newest hardware, drivers may not exist (such as GPU drivers).

If you were having a problem with Windows 10 you could have called Dell tech support for help.



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