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Inspiron 5575 won't recognize SSD NOT NVME WD green 240gb

So, a client sent me his notebook to install this SSD, but system won't recognize it. Not in BIOS, and not in windows.

Already updated the BIOS to 1.3.2 version, that says it makes it works, but still have no luck. The SSD wont appear in boots options, not in BIOS, not in Windows disk manager, nowhere.

Any solution?



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Re: Inspiron 5575 won't recognize SSD NOT NVME WD green 240gb

To get this information you need to log on to support, enter your model number and most importantly Enter your Service Tag Number. 

That will open all the hardware information on your Particular notebook, You should download and read your Service Manual there you will find out how to open your notebook

Sounds like you have an incompatible SSD or you need to install the IntelRST driver before you attempt to clean install.

Have you attempted to clone the current Hard Drive? I would suggest Macrium Reflect Free to do this. The best reason I can think of, is that the IRST driver is already installed on the current Disk/SSD Link to Vidoe on how to Clone with MR

I would check the Service manual first ensure that you have a compatible SSD If you do have a compatible SSD then go for the Clone. If you don't then get the correct SSD either SATA or NVME. Some models support either and someone else will have to explain as I'm not sure how you set either to work? the service manual should sort that out for you.

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Re: Inspiron 5575 won't recognize SSD NOT NVME WD green 240gb

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This is what the Specs Manual says, using my support Tag.

Dell won't answer when I asked for help to resolve this. What does it mean when it says "Using interposer"???

Is this what is causing my problem??


Thanks for answering

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Re: Inspiron 5575 won't recognize SSD NOT NVME WD green 240gb

Based on snippet of the spec you posted, the Inspiron 5575 can have up to two drives - one NVMe and the other SATA.  The NVMe drive support is straightforward and implemented with a M.2 socket on the motherboard.  The SATA drive support has multiple options.  Basically it's a 2.5" bay that can contain one of:  a 2.5" hard drive, 2.5" SSD, or a 2.5" to M.2 SATA interposer/adapter/caddy (whatever you want to call it) with a M.2 SATA SSD in it.

The only way to add a M.2 SATA SSD like the WD Green is with the 2.5" to M.2 SATA thing.

The simplest performance drive configuration is a M.2 NVMe SSD in the motherboard M.2 slot and a 2.5" SATA SSD in the 2.5" bay with the NVMe drive being the boot drive.  (I believe the WD Green does come in a 2.5" format.)

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