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Inspiron 5576 CPU throttling


When trying to compile software in linux with several parallel jobs (so all cores are utilized) the FX9830P CPU in this laptop drops its clocks to 2.20GHz on all 4 cores.

If I run compiling process with single thread the scaling doesn't drop, it is about or slightly above 3.5GHz.

I read other users have the same problem with this specific CPU in laptops from different manufacturers.

I've tried disabling PowerNow in BIOS, in that case I cannot see actual scaling frequencies in linux or change them, but the compiling process takes the same amount of time which means it still throttled to 2.20GHz.

As I understand this CPU supports configurable TDP in 25-45W range and CPU-Z utility in win10 reports it as 35W. Is there a way to increase it to 45W if the TDP is the actual cause of the throttling?

Note that I do not have overheating problems as temps are about 40-50°C when all cores are under full load.