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Inspiron 5578 missing rubber bumpers

Hi everyone! I have been searching for two of the four rubber bumpers for my Inspiron 5578 laptop. I am not too sure if the terminology is correct, basically, they prevent the screen from touching the bottom part/keyboard when closed. There are two of them on each side, a very careless laptop repair guy managed to misplace two while replacing the screen. Long story short, I am left to fend for myself and have been trying to buy them online but no luck so far.

Hope someone here can point me in the right direction or provide a searchable part number. I am based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. TIA.

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Try looking on eBay.

Maybe something like this can work :


Hi, thanks for your reply and sorry for the extended delay in replying back to you. While the ebay item might do the trick, I am not entirely sure whether the said bush would do the job as desired. The bumper is thin and long, whereas the ebay item is circular in shape. It will look gaudy, I am surprised that such parts are not more easily available, be it Dell specific or generic.


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Yes these rubber bumpers will be difficult to find.

5578 Rubber bunper.PNG

The best place to find rubber bumpers is 3M.

But there are so many!!!

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