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Inspiron 5579 won't update windows after hard reset

I recently  My Inspiron 5579 2 in 1 laptop because I had a lot of files taking up storage and just wanted to purge it. 

I went for the full reset without saving any information and such. I got to the point where you choose your location, keyboand,  and timezone, and it then goes to a screen that says "just a moment" with the loading symbol. Then it just restarts and takes me back to the input choice screen. When I click "next", it comes up with this screen:

Why did my PC restart?

There's a problem that's keeping us from getting your PC ready to use, but we think an update will help get things working again. Here's how to get the update:

1. Make sure your PC is plugged in.

2. If this PC uses Wi-Fish,  select next to follow instructions to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

3. If this PC does not use Wi-Fi, insert a network cable to connect to a wired network, and select next.

4. Once you're connected, select Next, and the update will inot all. 



I already put in the wi-fi, the screen came up before any of this.

After that screen comes up and I select "next" it goes to a loading screen with the text "just a moment". It's on this screen for a few minutes. Then it goes to a dark screen and turns back on- like it went into sleep mode momentarily- and goes back to the input screen. After that the screen I wrote out the text for comes up and the cycle repeats.


Any ideas? I've tried turning it off and on again- it just goes on to sleep mode. I'm lost.

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Re: Inspiron 5579 won't update windows after hard reset

Use Windows 10 Version 1809 or Windows 10 Version 1903 Insider Preview Media from Microsoft, make a Bootable USB and clean install with it. Then use Dell Update to install all the system drivers. See my guides here: https://dellwindowsreinstallationguide.com/windows-oem-faqs-and-downloads/
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Windows FAQs and OEM Downloads

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