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Inspiron 5593 Laptop screen alignment gone wrong!!! After screen replacement under warranty


Today received my Dell Inspiron 5593 from the star tech service center today after almost 10 working days. I was Was highly excited to switch to DELL after having high quality laptops from Sony, Lenovo and Microsoft, but the happiness was short lived.


I have noticed a defect in my laptop immediately after taking the laptop from the service center. The screen of the laptop is defective again! As you can see in the pictures the screen is not aligned properly. It looks to be down from left hand side (you can see a increase in the black gap between bezel and the edge of screen) as compared to the right side (the gap between bezel and the screen is perfectly normal).

Not only this but also there is a tiny spot on the replacement screen provides by Dell Bangladesh under warranty. This is really frustrating because after purchasing a Dell brand laptop which us less than a month ago I am suffering with the poor customer service from the last 30 days.

I am really not happy with this kind of defect. This defect reflects very poorly on the quality of workmanship. This kind of defect is really not tolerable and raises a lot of doubt on the QC processes Dell Bangladesh have. 


I am hopeful that this is resolved as soon as possible to prevent further inconvenience. I planned to use this laptop for a very important project and it is really getting hampered with this issue.


Therefore again I give it to the service center and told them to fix this. I don’t even know what they will do further ... its really funny how they are doing business in Bangladesh with this level of customer service.

Can you please where can I complain regarding this type of Customer harassment? 




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Hi, We are following to check if you have shared the images as requested.

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