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Inspiron 5720 - Hard Drive Power Failure, Okay to Replace Hard Drive?

Okay, so my Inspiron 5720 will not boot due to a crashed hard drive - it hangs on classpnp.sys and the Windows 7 loading screen, and the Dell Hardware Diagnostic Tool says that my hard drive, and only the hard drive, is busted. The Startup Repair Tool gives me a Bugcheck 9f: Driver Power Failure. However, previous to the crash the system advised me to replace the battery, which I did not do, and the battery health for the laptop is at 26%. It also complained about me leaving the laptop plugged in when it was turned off, a practice I abandoned in the months before the crash. Also, I am able to boot into Recovery and access all of the files on the hard drive through Command prompt and notepad. Copying to external USB drives is rather slow, however. What is interesting is that it’s even slower when the laptop boots up on battery as opposed to external power. I’m wondering if replacing the battery and hard drive will be enough to get this computer working again, or there’s some sort of problem in my notebook’s power system that will make that a waste of time and money. In addition, I’m not sure that enough power is getting to the hard drive, which could mean I’m throwing away a perfectly good HDD. Any ideas about how I might investigate and fix this?
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Re: Inspiron 5720 - Hard Drive Power Failure, Okay to Replace Hard Drive?

I have an old laptop on which I broke the connector to the hard drive.

I can boot into Linux on a USB flash drive just fine.

You can do something like that to check that there isn't an issue that you don't know of.

I would suggest on another working Windows PC to create a bootable USB of CloudReady which is very similar to ChromeOS running Chromebooks. It is about a 2 GB file to download. https://guide.neverware.com/build-installer/working-windows/