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Inspiron 7000 Overheating & Fan Noise

Hi All,

I recently purchased the Dell Inspiron 7000. Since purchase I have had ridiculous over heating and fan noise that sounds like an AC unit. I have opened various tickets to resolve, completed numerous diagnostics tests, been on the phone to customer services for weeks and the issues still persist. 

After weeks of back and forth and wasted efforts: updating drives, systems updates, BIOS updates, system diagnostics (which reported no issues) I was beginning to lose patience. Dell agreed to send a technical assistant to my home who replaced a few parts .... I AM STILL FACING THE SAME ISSUES! 

I have read other posts and it sounds like Dell don’t care about the loud fan noise and over heating as long as it’s under 100 degrees they don’t care ... mine got to 98 degrees, it gets so hot it can burn your hands but as it’s under 100 degrees this is ‘normal’. The fan noise is just ridiculous and I’ve tried to reduce the CPU from 100% to 99% to 65% and it still occurs .... why should I settle for a lower CPU anyway? You don’t buy a Ferrari to then drive it like a Fiat Panda! 

Can someone from Dell reach out to me to try to resolve these issues. The laptop is under 3 months old and have had issues since day 1 which are all recorded on Dell service tags. 

Many thanks

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