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Inspiron 7378 super high operating temps

Have had this laptop with an I7-7500 U for 9 months so far and the cooler started functioning about 50% of the time at high speeds.

Yesterday the Dell update soft installed some needed updates including Chipset, SSD and audio drivers and the laptop instantly started turning off once reaching 95 ° C on idle so i´ve downloaded the newest BIOS and now the system is functioning OK but the temperatures are still high (80 °C Avg on light workload). It feels that over time the system keeps increasing its functioning temperature.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Since the laptop has incorporated and non removable battery and TINY air inflows this doesnt amaze me but there must be a way of using this laptop withouth such high operating temperatures close to 100°C (with peaks at that temperature). By now cleaning the air intakes seems imposible due to their tiny space 

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