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Inspiron 7490 Camera Uninstalled


I recently bought an Inspiron 14 7490 and had issues with the camera (seems to be more app than hardware). 

I saw on a forum post (not on here) to uninstall the camera in Device Manager and reinstall. Now I have uninstalled I am unable to reinstall and cannot find the driver anywhere online.

Could someone help me with how to reinstall ?

Camera is no longer present in Device Manager.



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Re: Inspiron 7490 Camera Uninstalled

The win 10 drivers are built in to Windows 10. Lots of incorrect info is based on older operating systems. See this--


The camera is hardware and is still under warranty.

Make sure you completely shutdown the computer before rebooting to give Windows a chance to refresh the hardware list. You can refresh the list of devices in Device Manager by clicking on the screen icon on the menu to Scan for changes.

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