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Inspiron 7559 fans not working

I woke up today with an issue of my fans not spinning at all, I spent all day updating my system to see if I could flush it out. I noticed only recently that it was the fans not turning on that is most likely the issue. I opened something to check that it was just not that they did not need to be on as I was not running much and they were still off, when I opened it up and spun them they rotated so I knew they weren't stuck or had any clog and after like 2 minutes they turned on at the same time, and then both turned on at the same time and then back off and have not turned back on since. I do not know what I can do to fix this and I was not able to find any other helpful articles.

I have not installed anything recently so I doubt it's any kind of virus, the only thing different was that it spent last night unplugged from anything which I usually have it hooked up on my desk.

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Re: Inspiron 7559 fans not working

Hi,I see you’re looking for technical assistance. If you require our help, you could initiate a private/direct message with us, and we’d be glad to assist you.

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