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Inspiron 7569

After an update with Dell, when powering the laptop on, the screen will be a black and white screen and will flicker and show the black and white pattern in spots. This is only sometimes though. If you leave it after its turned on and does this- sometimes it will work normally. I have sent it into Dell- they've replaced the motherboard. I got it back, it had an update, so I did it (before I thought this was the issue). I had it for 1 day before it started doing it again. A Dell technician then came and replaced the screen and motherboard again and I'm still having the issue. I have tried factory resetting it and still nothing has worked. I've talked to dell for a total of probably about 7-8 hours about this computer and still nothing. I don't think it's a part issue because it does work perfectly fine sometimes. Any recommendations?

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