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Inspiron 7573 headphone jack not detecting headset

Inspiron 7573, not detecting headphones

I would like to share my experience here with an Inspiron 7573.

My issue is that I have a headset that does not work correctly. I have to shutdown the laptop and turn it on with the headphones plugged into the jack. That is great and solves half the problem, the other half is that the headset mic is not detected at all. The laptop does not detect the headphones and does not give me the pop up on the side letting me select if it is a recording device, headphone, or headset.

These are the symptoms:

  • no headphone/headset detection.
  • no microphone detection.
  • no Waves MaxxAudio running.

The only way that makes it possible to use the headphones was to restart the laptop with them already connected (but no microphone is being detected). However, if for some reason I had to disconnect the headphones, it would be necessary to restart the computer again. The system would not detect any further connections.

I tried a lot of things, like reinstalling drivers, reverting drivers, going for some newer drivers on Realtek site, reinstalling Windows 10 all over again. Following a lot of forums and getting no where.

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Re: Inspiron 7573 headphone jack not detecting headset

Based on many posts on this forum (and other computer forums) for proper jack detection in a Dell, the Dell Realtek driver must be used and on systems that Dell provides Waves MaxxAudio that must also be installed.


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