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Inspiron 7577 Storage Question

I have 54 percent of my c drive used.  I have this huge d drive that is almost empty.  How can I use this to balance the load of storage.  Can I use it?  Thanks.

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Re: Inspiron 7577 Storage Question

When you are installing a program you will be prompted to a location something like C:Program Files\New Folder. Simply change the C: to D: and the program will be installed on the D drive.

This may help as well.


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Re: Inspiron 7577 Storage Question

Since your C drive is probably an SSD and your D drive is probably a regular hard drive, I would actually recommend continuing to install most of your applications on C so that they load quickly. And then if you have a large photo/music/video library, move that over to D, where capacity typically matters more than performance. The same might be appropriate for very large applications, such as certain games. Moving installed applications typically doesn’t work, but you should be able to just uninstall them and then reinstall them, making sure to choose D during the reinstall.

You can even specify to Windows that you want your actual user profile folders like Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. to be moved so that those entire folders exist on the D drive, but I prefer to just manually create the desired folders on my D drive and leave the profile folders where they are, even if I don’t put much into those.

If you need help identifying what’s consuming your storage, TreeSize Free is a useful tool for that purpose because it sorts folders by largest to smallest, then as you still down it continues to do that for subfolders and files, which makes it very quick to determine where your storage is being consumed.

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