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Inspiron 7577 camera drivers

Hey guys,

So around 6 months ago, I have purchased this computer and at that time I was concerned about camera privacy. So I disabled the camera from the device manager.

Now, I need that camera driver to enable it, but it got deleted completely...

There isn't any camera drivers listed under hidden devices, and also when I try to scan for hardware changes nothing is listed as well.

So I am pretty sure it's deleted, and there isn't anything remaining under the device manager.

When I checked the support page for my device I couldn't see any drivers for my integrated camera.

And also because the webcam and the microphones are a whole piece, I don't have any microphone input either!!!

Where can I find the drivers? Please help it's urgent..

Sincerely PluckyA

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Re: Inspiron 7577 camera drivers

Hi PluckyA, I recently got exactly the same problem as you and i'm stuck on the same problems as you. I wonder if you find any solution to your problem. I also up this problem so if a technician can see this post is will be greatly appreciate. And also don't tell me to reinstall windows completely, it will probably work but i already did it to fix the issue of my sound card .. definitively this computer (inspiron 7577) is a nightmare with the drivers .. Sincerely Urban
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Re: Inspiron 7577 camera drivers

Have you looked in the BIOS under Misc devices? Also try this page for more information.





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