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Inspiron G15 5515, keyboard backlight, RGB problems

Recently picked up an new Inspiron G15 5515. Has anyone experienced issues with the keyboard backlight not working with the hotkey?

It is enabled in the BIOS and all driver are up to date. I can see it toggle to dark mode in the AWCC (Alienware Command Center), but it is not working. When working, it does it very sporadic.

I am thinking hardware issue or a bug that hasn't been caught. 



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Reply to the private message sent to you by DELL-Cares with your private Inspiron G15 5515 service tag.

* Connect the external AC power adapter to the Inspiron G15 5515
* Disconnect all USB drives from the Inspiron G15 5515
* Uninstall AWCC and AWCC OC Controls
* Restart the Inspiron G15 5515 when done
* Install the July 5, 2021 BIOS 1.2.0
* Restart the Inspiron G15 5515  when done
* Install AWCC and AWCC OC Controls
* Restart the Inspiron G15 5515 when done
* Retest and post your results

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This happen to me once and I got the backlight back on.  Try this.

  1. Shutdown the laptop.  Don't use the restart option.
  2. Turn on the laptop.
  3. Uninstall Alienware Control Center
  4. Uninstall Alienware OC
  5. Shutdown the laptop.  Don't use the restart option.
  6. Turn on the laptop.
  7. Install Alienware Control Center
  8. Install Alienware OC.
  9. This should turn the backlight back on.  If not, start Alienware Control Center.
    1. Hit the FX tab.
    2. Hit the Edit button
    3. Hit the All Keys check box
    4. Select the color you want

Hope this works for you as it did for me.

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I also cannot use the hotkey, i turned the keyboard to NEVER turn off in bios, and after a brief sleep mode, the keyboard has not failed to turn off and will never turn back on unless i restart the computer. if this behavior is not fixed, im afraid i might need to resell this pc. im quite disappointed. first off, a backlit keyboard shouldnt automatically turn off, and need a bios level fix, that should be a software option only, second off, the macro should be a hardwired feature that changes the controller for the keyboard.


I was able to reinstall Alienware control center it fixed briefly. OCC control updated and it seems to have broken again... sigh. 
I can imagine its a software level fix. I wish Dell would look into this. 

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Same here, G15 5515, 4-zone RGB keyboard failed every time woke up from sleep mode, soft restart won't fix, only hard reset does.

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Same issue. The Alienware Command Center seems to be creating the issue. It is also pretty inept overall for "Alienware expectations".

 This keyboard backlighting has been flaky out of the box and now even after bios and "ACC" reconfigure attempts is still off. SAD.


@Anonymous any fixes yet? my keyboard backlight literally doesnt work if the computer goes to sleep at all. this is ridiculous its been almost a month with no support checking to see if this is an issue. please respond back so we can see if this is getting fixed.

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Still no update from Dell, support has not been helpful at all.  They don't seem to understand the issue with OCC controls and just want to close the case. Pretty annoying

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UPDATE: It looks like Bios version 1.2.0 was just released. For now backlight seemed stable. 

Dell G15 5515 System BIOS | Driver Details | Dell US

Needed to reinstall Alienware command center. 



**Update**, this did not fix the issue.

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I am having the same issue with a brand new computer. I have updated the Bios, ensured it said it was set to "Bright" and never turn off. Its not even turning on for me at all now.. This is unacceptable. 

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