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Inspiron G15 5520, Ram overclocking not supported!

Just purchased above. Put Kingston Fury DDR5 in and it does not work. Wasted 100 pounds. Dell asked me to do all these hardware tests. Kingston said it is not supported as no overclocking in Bios. Considering this is 12th gen gaming computer I am furious unless I have missed something 🤬

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Not surprising. Generally, only the Alienware gaming systems have full overclocking capability.

I have a "Gaming" laptop and no overclocking options.

If you have the option to return it, do so and buy an Alienware model.


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The online G15 5520 sales site never mentions overclocking. It shows the OEM memory specifications =


The online G15 5520 Setup and Specifications PDF also shows the OEM memory specifications =


The online G15 5520 Service Manual System setup options also shows no overclocking functions.

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The Ram Kingston Fury was 4800. No one in your support team even mentioned the above. Just lots of tests.


Thanks, sadly beyond my budget.

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The memory Kingston recommends for your system is this


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