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Inspiron G3 15 3590, hinge broken, #10

This is my first and last Dell product. The laptop hinge broke in eight months and they say they will not replace it. It broke from normal use and judging from this site it is a common problem.

They told me it was not covered and I ask how much it cost to repair and they could not tell me. I was transferred three times and each time had to wait at least 20 minutes each time. Then I ask to speak with a manager I was transferred three times. I am still on hold as I write this. It has been a total of about 1 hour and 45 minutes waiting after several transfers. Every time I ask for a manager, they transfer me somewhere else then I finally got disconnected (just now) and never was able to talk with a manager. This is the worst customer service ever.

This laptop stinks and I will never buy another Dell product. I am going to make it my mission to give this piece of junk a bad review where I can.

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Re: Inspiron G3 15 3590, hinge broken, #10

I have same experience about same product. I have been fighting about this issue since 4-5 weeks right now. Dell does not even accept that it is design problem for this particular G3 15 3590 laptop. It has become a nightmare for me as well. How much this broken hinge costs, any idea? Indian Rupees.

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