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Inspiron N5010, 8 beeps

Hello, good day, I have a problem with my laptop My laptop dell Inspiron N5010, it was on and suddenly the screen was filled with pictures, and it froze like this. It does not start, and only 8 beeps sound, I turned it off directly with the power button, then I tried to restart it and it beeps a bit long, a space and then 8 short beeps followed, and so it goes from 8 to 8, the screen does not turn on, but if you turn on the white led lights. What can I do ?, I hope I have an arrangement, since despite being a little old lady I like it a lot and it keeps giving me battle, Thanks in advance
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Re: No arranca, y solo suenan 8 pitidos

Unfortunately 8 beeps mean there is a problem with the LCD screen. It could be a bad cable or a loose connection on the cable. Have you tried or can you try hooking the laptop up to an external monitor or TV? If the external device has a display picture then you can probably be assured that the LCD is bad. If you do get a display on the external device then try running system diagnostics.  Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full diagnostics paying special attention to the LCD results. You may want some help from a friend or neighbor that can assist you. Keep in mind though that the laptop is approaching 8 years old and maybe it is time to start thinking about a new laptop.

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