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Inspiron N5040 power light is dim

My recent laptop is about 8 months old (though it was a refurbished one, so I don't know how long the original owner had it) So recently, the power light on my laptop is very dim compare to the other lights (If you don't know what I'm talking about, there are four lights on the front of the laptop case). You can still see the light is still on if you're in a very dark room, but it looks out of place with the other three lights. The laptop still works and I can still turn it on and off, but I don't like how the power light is dim and I'm worried that might stop working.

I tried resetting it and even took the battery out, but it still doesn't fix it.

Is it a case that the laptop is wearing out, or is it something else like the battery or I have to replace the lights?

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Re: Inspiron N5040 power light is dim

LEDs do dim with age - and this system may be new to you but it's on the order of six years old -- at say eight hours a day, it could have well over 10,000 hours on the LED at this point.

The LED is part of the mainboard -- meaning it's likely not a practical repair to replace the board on this system just for a cosmetic issue.  Used, working systems run between $75-150 complete - and a board will run you that or more.


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