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Inspiron keyboard not fully working

I have an Inspiron 5558 running Windows 10.

I was doing some repair work and damaged the ribbon connector on the internal keyboard.  I bought a new one that is identical to the old keyboard.

When I first attached the new keyboard, most of the keys did not work.

I physically disconnected the keyboard and unistalled it via the Control Panel-Keyboard Properties.

I shut down and reconnected the keyboard.  It did not auto-detect the keyboard on startup.  I tried scanning for hardware changes via Device Manager.

[Edit]: After another restart, the computer is now detecting the keyboard.  However, only the same keys are working as before, the rest of the keyboard is not responding.  The working ones seem to be in clusters:

56TYGH     -=[]' backspace     ` tab, Caps Lock, Shift (left side)      81+. Home (on the number pad)     F1 through F9

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