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Inspiron n4050 gpu overheating


I have n4050 inspiron with amd radeon hd 6470m  

It was working fine. 

Now when I use the amd, my laptop suddenly shut down.

I took it to a repair shop  they replaced the heatsink and same problem keep happening  

I ran a full diagnostics and everything was fine 

My question. 

What could be the problem (taking in consideration after I cleaned it myself and put thermal paste it stays up longer but it still shut down) 

What's the difference between the heat sink of the mb, with and without amd chip

Where to put the thermal paste in . 

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Re: Inspiron n4050 gpu overheating

It really is not worth fixing anything on that model. Parts are impossible to find and money will be wasted letting a repair shop try to do it. I'll tell what the shop won't--It's time to replace it. 

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