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Inspiron screen issue.

Inspiron screen issue. Vignetting.

I've never seen a screen do this before. It's producing an effect similar to a vignette, where the screen shades away to black at the perimeter of the screen. It's an Inspiron 13 i1359-8408SLV. Anyone else experience and correct this problem? All tests are passed and all drivers are up to date. The issue isn't persistent, but rather shows up intermittently. After it's been running for a while it also starts to flicker and ghost. 

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Re: Inspiron screen issue.

possible problems

1. inverter board

2. backlight

3. loose cables

4. panel

if you dont work on laptops...see if u got warranty.....or have someone fix it 

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Re: Inspiron screen issue.


I have the same issue...Inspiron 13-7359 here. Even restarting it won't solve it. It has been 2-3 months now and I thought it is due to the windows last major update. Hope to find answer soon because it is getting really annoying.

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Re: Inspiron screen issue.

Same here i have a 13 7000 series with the same issue

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Re: Inspiron screen issue.

same issue. Sometimes it goes away like it fixes itself? Maybe an update somewhere? Anyone else solve the problem?

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